Snow removal and gritting services

We offer excellent gritting and snow cover removal services and can offer you a pay as go price plan

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Snow removal and gritting services

Does waking up to snow and ice cover trigger a myriad of thoughts as to how you will manage to keep your business running smoothly through the bad weather? Do you experience trouble each winter trying to get in and out of your premises due to ice and snow cover? This is a problem that many companies face causing delays, setbacks and sometimes accidents. Why add to your problems and make life more complicated when it can easily be fixed and the problem dealt with swiftly and hassle free.

We offer excellent gritting and snow cover removal services and can offer you a pay as go price plan or you can opt for our fixed payment price plan We offer an excellent service that allows you to check online attendance and activity reports and we also have a 24/7 helpdesk that you can call.

Our gritting service

When would we grit your premises?

Our staff would be onsite when the weather forecast predicts ice cover. Once at the premises we would de-ice

  • Carparks
  • retail parks
  • roads
  • driveways
  • doorways

We use marine salt when gritting premises. Marine salt is a clean and environmentally friendly way to de-ice your premises.

We use local staff which means that we can offer a rapid service.

Our service is conducted between the hours of 6-7.

Our snow removal service

When would we visit your premises to remove snow cover?

There are two instances when we would provide snow removal services

When staff are already onsite: If we are already on site then and snowfall was at 2mm then our staff would clear the snowfall. The snow would be removed from:

  • fire exits
  • key pedestrian walkways
  • paths to carparks.

When the weather forecasts 5mm of snowfall: If the weather forecasts 5 mm of snowfall our staff will be onsite and snow cover will also be cleared from

  • access roads
  • delivery areas
  • car parks

So contact us today in order to discover how we can help your company be prepared this winter.