Why choose replica planting in Abbey Dore

Are you constantly buying living plants for your office in Abbey Dore only to find they die or are in poor condition?

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Replica Plants: Why choose replica planting and what are the options?

Artificial plants for Offices, Meeting rooms and Reception areas:

Are you constantly buying living plants for your office in Abbey Dore only to find they die or are in poor condition? It may be that you require some expert advice in choosing the correct living plants or require an expert maintenance service. If so, please contact us regarding our living plant displays and maintenance options.

However, the problem may be that the environment is not suitable in Abbey Dore for living plants due to temperature and/or lighting conditions. The best option in this case would be to purchase or rent replica plants.

Or perhaps you are searching for a low cost, low maintenance solution to make your space look more attractive. Either way we can offer and provide a range of artificial planting displays of various sizes for your company. From a range of tree/plant displays with for example, ficus trees and bamboo trees to artificial walls as dividers and/or replica flower displays.

Replica plants for Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels and Pubs.

Many of our customers in the food industry choose replica planting and we have a number of options available.

  • Outdoor artificial topiary at the entrance, in reception or placed in outdoor seating areas.
  • Choose from topiary hedging, topiary balls or topiary cones or a combination.
  • Also, some companies buy or rent a few artificial plant displays to place in key areas.
  • Flower or foliage displays for tables in restaurant and café areas.
  • Hanging baskets using silk plants means that the building looks welcoming all spring and summer with very low maintenance.

Replica planting for shopping centres and other indoor commercial areas.

  • We can provide large artificial trees over 30 feet tall which are attractive centre pieces.
  • These trees can be made with specially made stems that give the appearance of real wood.
  • Topiary trees placed either side of revolving doors. First impressions count and this is a simple and effective way of enhancing the entrance area.
  • Planting for central cafes and restaurants or dotted around the commercial area. From 3ft to 8ft displays.
  • We specialise in hedge planting which can be used to separate areas, creating more private space for your customers.
  • Artificial Christmas Trees -Some are booked nearly a year in advance. Although we do occasionally accept last minute orders, it is best to book in advance due to high demand. Artificial Christmas trees are installed, dressed and then removed early January.

Also, safety is of the utmost importance so we also offer inherently flame retarded plants or flame retarding of plants purchased or rented. Flame inherent plants means that the flame inherent is added at the mounding stage and forms part of the plant. This process is much better than flame retarding plants by spraying as it cannot be washed out and you do not need yearly checks to ensure the product is still flame retarded.

Please complete our on-line form for a quick quote and we will provide details of what we feel are the most suitable options for your company.

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