Plant Maintenance Service in Bristol

Maintenance of the plants in Bristol is essential in order to keep them looking beautiful and in good condition.

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Plant Maintenance Service in Bristol

Our plant maintenance service in Bristol is optional and can be added to a purchase of the plants and containers or added to the rental of the office plants. See our office plant display options (link to home page).

Why add a plant maintenance service?

Maintenance of the plants in Bristol is essential in order to keep them looking beautiful and in good condition. This requires specialist knowledge otherwise they could end up being over or under watered, not trimmed correctly, infested with pests or they could simply die. Have you ever walked in an office and seen a half dying plant in the corner or on the reception desk, it gives a bad image, looks uncared for and in bad condition. It will give the opposite message and image you are trying to portray.

That’s why plant maintenance is best left to the experts. Our staff are fully trained and provide an excellent service. The service includes the following:

  • Regular visit to your site- As part of your contract a rota will be drawn up and maintenance staff assigned to your company. Our friendly staff will ensure there is minimal disruption to your work while they are on site. Our customers form good and lasting friendly relationships with our staff. We also conduct inspection visits around the country to make sure that the maintenance service always meets our excellent standards.
  • Pest Control: Should there be problems with pests our team is trained in biological pest control, ensuring the problem is dealt with swiftly and it is also a green solution.
  • Plant replacement: Should a plant die our staff will replace it free of charge. This is part of the maintenance package.
  • Watering: Staff are trained in how to water different species of plants, the correct amount so that the plants thrive. It’s important not to over or under water the plant displays.
  • Trimming and polishing: Staff are trained in how to trim the plants to ensure good growth, remove any discoloured areas and maintain the shape required. During a site visit plants are also dusted and polished to ensure they look in excellent condition. Individual care for each leaf by wiping the top and undersides of the leaves to remove dust and grime to leave the plant looking healthy and shiny.
  • Feeding: Plant nutrition is essential. To ensure plants thrive and look in optimal condition our staff will feed plants when required. It’s is important they are given the right quantities at the right time.
  • Waste disposal: Waste is minimal and is mainly debris from plants. It will be taken off site by our staff and disposed of. We make every effort to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Your customers, clients, visitors and staff will appreciate the relaxing and beautiful environment. So if you choose our plant maintenance service you can be sure that the plant displays will always look wonderful and complement the office environment and always be as great as the first day they were installed.

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