Plant Containers in Ashby St Mary

Containers in Ashby St Marycan be purchased with or without plants or rented as part of a plant display.

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Plant Containers in Ashby St Mary

The container alone can be eye-catching and the choice available is endless with various sizes, shapes, materials, designs and colours to choose from in Ashby St Mary. Perhaps you have an image in mind as to what you would like, or have been given some guidelines by the architect, but in most cases customers simply know that they want plant displays but need expert advice as to which plants and containers will be suitable for their company. In the quote stage we will suggest which plant containers will be ideal for your environment and image and provide you with a selection of containers and colour schemes which would complement your company and interior space. You can also browse our extensive range of plant containers if you prefer.

Containers in Ashby St Marycan be purchased with or without plants or rented as part of a plant display. Financial cost of containers is another important factor to consider, thus we will suggest containers for office plant displays which will suit your given budget.

Size and shape of plant containers:

There are a number of sizes available, so which containers are selected will depend on the space and the overall height needed for the plant display. Sizes range from small desktop planters to large containers suitable for tall trees. We also have long/ wide containers which can be used as elegant room dividers.

The shape of the container depends on the overall design theme. Plant containers come in a range of shapes. They can be round, cube shaped, elegant tall pots, rectangular, well almost any shape you can imagine.

The plants we choose will complement the container and be suitable for the size of the plant.

Plant Container Colour Scheme

Planters come in a range of colours to choose from. However, if you have a specific colour you would like or if you would like us to match the plant container colour perfectly to match your interior we can spray the containers for you.

Metals are possible with different finishes. For example, a matt finish or a polished / shiny surface.

Plant container materials

Our plant containers are made of a wide range of materials. We use containers made of plastics (elegant and contemporary designs), metals, ceramics, stone and wood. Containers are of excellent quality and long-lasting. They will add an elegant touch to any office.

Plant container design

Our aim is to meet your design needs. We have a pool of plant containers and plants to choose from whether you are looking for a contemporary modern look of a more traditional style we have the solution for you.

So why not contact us today and see the range of plant containers we have on offer and benefit from our expert advice as to which plant containers would be ideally suited to your environment.

Please complete the online form, once we have received your form our design team will call in order to discuss your office space and needs.

If you have specific needs and preferences please provide as much information as possible.

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