Rent Office Plants

Rent Office Plants

Many businesses are now looking for the best people to create an ideal workplace that can exhibit different kinds of office plants.

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Office Plants

Interior plant design: Leave it to the experts.

The main concern of our customer is aesthetics, they want impact, for the plants to create a good impression, for them to suit the company image and complement their surroundings. Our staff are well trained in selecting and designing an excellent plant scheme for the given environment and creating beautiful plant displays to complement any interior environment.
Choosing office plants is not so straightforward as there are a number of considerations which must be taken into account. Environmental conditions such as light and temperature are crucial when choosing the correct interior plants. We also need to consider a watering programme and drainage as well as other factors. So why not put your interior plant design into the hands of the experts. You can feel sure that the office plant displays will look outstanding if you purchase or rent them from ourselves and you can even include a maintenance service, which ensures that they will always look fantastic with our excellent service.

Aesthetics and Environmental Benefits of Office plants

Even from the time of the Romans they understood the aesthetic beauty of planting in interior court yards often designed to extend the garden indoors. Today with the concrete and grey design of many office blocks the need for plants is even more necessary. The feeling of being surrounded by plant displays uplifts the spirit and relaxes people.
Interior planting even brings environmental benefits. Staff are more productive and could be considered healthier due to the suggested air cleaning quality of plants. So many chemicals are emitted from furniture and carpets and windows are often closed to reduce costs on heating in the winter and because of air conditioning units in the summer making the air even more stagnant and allowing harmful chemicals to build up in the atmosphere. Choosing interior planting is a way to reduce some of these toxins in the air.

Office plant displays: Options available

We offer a range of services to meet customer needs. We will provide a quote of plant displays suitable for your environment, with a choice of plants and containers

You can choose from a purchase only option, a purchase and maintenance option or a rental option which includes the cost of the plant displays and the maintenance of the plants.

Office plant displays: Purchase only option:.

You will simply select the interior plant displays of your choice and purchase them. You can choose to add an additional plant maintenance service –see below.

Office Plant Displays: Purchase and Plant maintenance option.

As above with a maintenance service, for a fixed monthly fee which will ensure your plants are in excellent condition as they will be cared for regularly by our well trained staff and any dead plants will be replaced.

Office Plant Displays: Rental Option

We offer a monthly rental cost of the plant displays and maintenance. This means your company does not need to spend a lump sum up front and can simply pay a fixed monthly fee over the term of the contract for the office plants and containers and a maintenance service.